who we are

About Kawe

Kawe is a social enterprise that aims to develop human capacity on the African continent by encouraging Africans of all ages to appreciate and embrace a reading culture. KAWE is a Yoruba word of Nigerian origin meaning to READ!

It was a common thing for us to hear while growing up that if you want to hide anything from an African, put it in a book. Kawe as an organization is out to debunk that notion and send a message to the world, which is:

AFRICANS NOW READ! Our focus is first African as we look to champion this cause across the nations of the continent, sharing the message on the power of reading and by extension, enhancing the heritage of our continent.

Our impact story

Kawe Library

We are happy to report that since we opened up the renovated Library in January 2019, an average of 24 students visit the library every day, up from the prior number of about 4 students. Also, the students have utilized at least 100 different books as of the last count. We have held author engagements sessions with the students where the author has a book reading with the students. The students are further encouraged with the Library User Award given out by Kawe each school term.

Kawe Eyes

By virtue of the first ever Kawe Eyes Initiative, 64 students of Oke Odo Junior College got new pairs of glasses that would aid their quest for knowledge and ease their pain. We have also gotten commitment from the school leadership to have the School Counselor do routine checks on the use of the glasses and also measure academic performance to further track the impact of the glasses on their academics.

What we Do

Our primary causes

Kawe Library

Initiative which aims to improve the reading culture by investing in beautifying and equipping school libraries.

Kawe Eyes

In promoting the reading culture amongst the younger ones, poor eye health is a major constraint.

Kawe Book Club

A community of readers that meet offline and online to discuss books, social issues and ideas.