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Books for people, not for profit

Reading has the ability to liberate the minds of our future leaders and empower them to take charge of their lives and become responsible for whatever they desire to become.

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About Us

Our Mission& Vision

Kawe is a social enterprise that aims to develop human capacity on the African continent by encouraging Africans of all ages to appreciate and embrace a reading culture. KAWE is a Yoruba word of Nigerian origin meaning to READ!

Kawe Library

Initiative which aims to improve the reading culture by investing in beautifying and equipping school libraries.

Kawe Eyes

In promoting the reading culture amongst the younger ones, poor eye health is a major constraint.

Kawe Book Club

A community of readers that meet offline and online to discuss books, social issues and ideas.

what we have done

We’ve reached over 200 students across 2 schools.

Backed by amazing volunteers, partners and sponsors, we have been able to reach over 200 students. We have achieved this feat through renovations of libraries, reading programmes, literary events and technological bootcamps.

Make a Donation

If you are a passionate about helping young students from low-income homes embrace literacy and technology and you want to show your support to our cause financially, please make a donation. Remember, little drops of water, makes an ocean.

Join the book club

Are you a lover of books? Are you passionate about African Literature? If yes, then you are in the right place! Kawe Africa’s signature offering is the Kawe Africa Book Club – a community of young Nigerians who are passionate about reading books by African Authors.


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With you, we can do more to champion a literary revolution.