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Promoting the reading culture


Kawe is a social enterprise that aims to develop human capacity on the African continent by encouraging Africans of all ages to appreciate and embrace a reading culture.

KAWE is a Yoruba word of Nigerian origin meaning to READ!  Reading has the ability to liberate the minds of our future leaders and empower them to take charge of their lives and become responsible for whatever they desire to become.

It was common for us to hear while growing up that: if you want to hide anything from an African, put it in a book.

kawe Libary Product

kawe Libary Product

Kawe’s Signature Offering

is our book club which is a community of readers that meet offline and online to discuss books, social issues, and ideas. By virtue of the mission.

The book club goes a step further by organizing events and activities around the book reading experience and often has authors of the books share in this experience.

In addition, the book club members champion the Kawe Africa Library Project where they adopt, restore, and run libraries of public primary and secondary schools to help raise the next generation of readers. And most recently, the Kawe Eyes Initiative where students of public schools get free eye tests and glasses.

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kawe Book Club

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128b etiosa road, dolphin estate, Ikoyi
0805 512 1056