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The work we do in Kawe is very important to us. We’ve since realized deeply the importance of getting children to read at a very early age. While we have a functional library with over 1000 books all ready for the students at Junior Girls Secondary School, Lalupon, Ikoyi, Lagos…we want to enrich them more and get them to take the reading culture outside of the classroom and four walls of the school. As such, we have started the #KaweReadingClub to encourage them to read selected books during the holidays. ⁣
We will be needing your support and donations as they will go a long way in getting books across to these young girls. ⁣
These are the selected books:
1) Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie⁣
2) Cat Eyes by Pever X⁣
3) Patriots & Sinners by Nnenna Ihebom⁣
4) Fresh Air & Other Stories by Reward Nsirim⁣
5) Wings of the Night Sky by Jessica Tagbajumi⁣

How you can be a part of this:

Donate All or Any of the books to the students in your desired quantity. You can also donate via cash and pay into our Stanbic Account: 0022570896 Kawe & Company.
This initiative is proudly supported by Parresia books and Narrative Landscape.
Thank you for your support!

Promoting the reading culture
Promoting the reading culture
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