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Kawe partnered with the Government Girls Grammar School in Lalupon, Lagos to flag off the Kawe Africa Library Project initiative which aims to improve the reading culture amongst young readers by investing in beautifying and equipping their school libraries.

At the start of the partnership, the school library lacked current and broad-ranging books, it also needed renovation of the ceiling, the floor, the bookshelves, the walls, the lighting, and a cooling system.

Kawe Libary Project

The school library had no current books and needed renovation

With the support of volunteers at Kawe who committed their time and mobilized resources, the library got renovated and the girls of the school were gifted with a functional and beautiful library.


We also invested in hiring a Librarian to ensure the smooth running of the library and the on-ground promotion of the reading culture.

Our Impact

We are happy to report that since we opened up the renovated Library in January 2019, an average of 24 students visit the library every day, up from the prior number of about 4 students. Also, the students have utilized at least 100 different books as of the last count. 

We have held author engagement sessions with the students where the author has a book reading with the students. 

The students are further encouraged with the Library User Award given out by Kawe each school term.

Our Current Library Project

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We got a request from a volunteer teacher at Ebenezer African Church Nursery & Primary school in Abeokuta and we paid the school a visit.

The school has never had a library and wanted us to work with them in establishing the first-ever library in the school since its inception in 1955.
We were offered a classroom that we converted into a library and with support and donations, we got bookshelves and filled them with over 200 books.

Ebenezer African Church Nursery & Primary school in Abeokuta

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